Does SIP (System Integrity Protection) need to be disabled?

Nope! Unlike some other tools which replace the native HUDs, MediaMate does not require tampering with SIP.

Can I try the features out before buying the app?

Yes! Download the app (with the button at the top of the page) and activate the Tryout Mode.

Does Now Playing work with Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, ...?

Of course! The Now Playing HUD displays information about the app that is outputting audio at that time. This can be a music service like Spotify, or even your favourite browser! Some apps (e.g. FireFox) might fail to display an album art when playing audio. Unfortunately, this is a limitation MediaMate cannot circumvent. If you notice an app that is unsupported and would like support, give me a heads up.

Can this tool change the brightness and volume of an external monitor?

If the brightness can be changed in control centre, yes. Otherwise, it depends. 3rd party apps like MonitorControl, BetterDisplay and Lunar can control external display brightness. MediaMate offers a compatibility mode for Lunar and BetterDisplay. Others do not work with MediaMate.

Will this affect other tools that rely on media keys?

Depending on how those other tools use the keys, there might be some problems of the two apps interfering with each other. If you enable "External App Support" in the app, those issues might be resolved. Give me a heads up if you notice issues with another app.

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